Audrey Holsten

Academic Dean, Porter-Gaud and The O’Quinn Schools

Speaking in Charleston.

Glenn Milewski

Chief Program Officer, ERB

Speaking in Charleston, New York, and Miami.

Katie Donahue

Lower School Math Specialist, Porter-Gaud School

Speaking in Charleston.

Sarah Savage

Member Services Director, ERB

Speaking in Charleston and Los Angeles.

Tom Rochon

President, ERB

Speaking at all summit locations.

Debra Wilson

President, SAIS

Speaking in Charleston.

Holly Blair

6th Grade Earth Systems Science Educator, Ashley Hall

Speaking in Charleston.

Marcus Crede

Social-Emotional Learning Researcher

Speaking in Charleston, Dallas, and New York.

Scott Griggs

Executive Director, Independent Schools Association of the Southwest

Speaking in Dallas.

Elizabeth Mangas

Chief Experience Officer

Speaking in Los Angeles.

Jason Lasnetski

Member Services Director, ERB

Speaking in Dallas, New York, and Miami.

Ryan Downey

Executive Director, Achievement Assessment Program

Speaking in Dallas and Los Angeles.

Susan Palmer

Head of Middle School, Greenhill School

Speaking in Dallas.


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