Katie Donahue

Lower School Math Specialist, Porter-Gaud School


Katie Donahue is currently the Lower School Math Specialist at Porter-Gaud School. She teaches second and third grade math and is lucky to be able to work with all teachers within the Lower School on utilizing best mathematical practices. Katie has been teaching for almost 20 years in all levels from Kindergarten to 6th grade, specializing in both math and science. She has a business and art degree from Saint Michael’s College, a Master’s in Education from Hofstra University, and has also completed courses in Special Education. Katie moved to Charleston from NY with her family three years ago and particularly cherishes the ability to have her children alongside her at Porter-Gaud.


Numbers Talk

Learn from Audrey Holsten, Academic Dean, and Katie Donahue, Lower School Math Specialist, at Porter-Gaud & The O’Quinn Schools, how their school explored testing data, conducted observations, evaluated teaching materials, and analyzed their existing curriculum when they saw a pattern of lower than desired student performance in number sense that was also evident in math PSAT results. Learn what they found, what they implemented, and the outcome of their changes.



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