Holly Blair

6th Grade Earth Systems Science Educator, Ashley Hall


Holly Blair has been educating audiences of all ages about our dynamic Earth for the past 23 years. In 2016 she was awarded the InterTech Group Award for Excellence in STEM education. She has worked to execute her goals of environmental stewardship and a deep understanding and appreciation of each of our Earth’s spheres for all by working in a variety of formal and informal education capacities since her work helping to build our South Carolina Aquarium, and its education programs, in 1998. She has held positions at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Coastal Services Center, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, as lead developer of Sullivan’s Island Elementary’s coastal science magnet program, and several other environmental positions. Currently, Holly is Ashley Hall’s sixth grade Earth Systems Science educator which has allowed her to incorporate unique experiences such as the Educational Passages Mini-boat, The Spirit of Ashley Hall, that completed its transatlantic journey this past August.


Ashley Hall and the Educational Passages Partnership

Holly Blair, 6th Grade Science Teacher at our host school, Ashley Hall, will discuss their groundbreaking Educational Passages, a multidisciplinary program that allows students to build, outfit, deploy, and track their very own "mini boat," an unmanned, 5-foot long sailboat, as it sails across the Atlantic. In the true "Spirit of Ashley Hall," students learn invaluable lessons about oceanography, environmentalism, and even international relations in this transoceanic classroom.



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