Dr. Marcus Crede

Social-Emotional Learning Researcher


Marcus Credé PhD is a researcher who specializes in studying the influence of socio-emotional and non-cognitive variables on behavior and performance in educational and work settings. He has conducted major meta-analytic reviews of the influence of a wide variety of socio-emotional and non-cognitive variables on performance in these two domains, including variables such as: study skills and study habits, personality, learning strategies, motivation, emotional intelligence, grit, chronotype, social, emotional and academic adjustment, satisfaction with the academic environment, and behaviors such as class attendance, honesty, and participation in orientation programs. He has also conducted research on a wide array of methodological topics relevant to the measurement of non-cognitive attributes including the influence of item content, instruction sets and response formats, scale length, and careless responding to self-report measures. His work has been published in a number of top-tier educational and psychology journals including Review of Educational Research, Educational Psychology Review, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Applied Psychology, Perspectives on Psychological Science, Educational and Psychological Measurement, Learning and Individual Differences, Academy of Management Learning and Education, the Journal of Personality Assessment, and the Journal of Organizational Behavior. His work has also been discussed in news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, NPR, and New York Magazine.


Social-Emotional Learning and Performance

Presented by Dr. Marcus Crede, who has spent the past 15 years investigating the relationship between social-emotional learning constructs and academic outcomes, this session will focus on how educators can move beyond the hype that often characterizes claims made about social-emotional learning. Attendees will discover a more nuanced and evidence-based understanding of how social-emotional learning contributes to learning and achievement. Dr. Crede will also offer suggestions that educators can use when interpreting results produced by ERB's new social-emotional program, the Social and Emotional Learning Suite (SEL).



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