Audrey Holsten

Academic Dean, Porter-Gaud and The O’Quinn Schools


Audrey Holsten is in her third year as Academic Dean of Porter-Gaud and the O’Quinn Schools. She works with teachers from the 2s through grade 12 on a variety of initiatives aimed at strengthening academic programs, curriculum, and instruction schoolwide. In her 21st year as an independent school teacher and leader, Audrey has worked with faculty and administrators for over 12 years on using CTP data to inform the curriculum. She lives in downtown Charleston with her husband, Kelly, and enjoys cooking, reading, listening to music, and taking as many opportunities as possible to be inspired by the art, culture, and people of this great city.


Numbers Talk

Learn from Audrey Holsten, Academic Dean, and Katie Donahue, Lower School Math Specialist, at Porter-Gaud & The O’Quinn Schools, how their school explored testing data, conducted observations, evaluated teaching materials, and analyzed their existing curriculum when they saw a pattern of lower than desired student performance in number sense that was also evident in math PSAT results. Learn what they found, what they implemented, and the outcome of their changes.



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