2019 | 2020



What is the ERB Summit Series?


We're trying something a little different this year. Instead of organizing one large conference in October, we're organizing multiple, smaller summits across the nation. These summits will take place between Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 at ERB Member School campuses across the nation. This will allow us to connect with more member schools than ever before and to build meaningful relationships in a truly targetted setting. Leave your homework to experts requesting do my essay for me help and enjoy your free time to gain new pieces of knowledge.  

By Educators, for Educators

The ERB Annual Conference was always made possible by the direct participation of our member schools—from the sessions to the networking events. And we're taking that partnership one step further with our inaugural Summit Series. Our member school hosts are directly involved in planning and scheduling these summits in order to create events that are truly by educators, for educators. 

An Event to Remember


We know your time is precious. That's why each summit is a streamlined, one-day gathering that features all the information you need, and nothing you don't. Summits will offer a tour of the host school's campus, a variety of sessions, and a unique networking event to connect with fellow educators. You won't worry about who will write my research paper for me while you'll be at the conference at all, because professional essay writers can easily take care of this.

ERB has earned the gold seal of assessment for a reason. They treat their members well and provide them with excellent products and services.